Hi, 我来自 中国的黑龙江省。但是我对那里并不十分了解,因为我只在那里生活很短的时间。

Hi, I come from Heilongjiang, China. but never like a ture Northeastern people. Because I lived there very short time.

现在我居住在 中国北京,这儿没有东北那么冷,而且互联网行业也比家乡好很多。

Now, I live in Beijing, China. It’s no much cold as heilongjiang, and the Internet industry is much better than home town.

目前(2015 ~ now),我在北京的一家叫做 “美团“ 的互联网公司担任 资深软件工程师 的工作。

I currently worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Meituan.

我从事互联网软件行业大概有 8 年左右,对计算机软件、硬件、网络、编程语言等方面非常感兴趣。

I’m enthusiastic about hardware, networking, programming language, and web frontend. I am helping people build open source software and apps.

同时,我还是 摄影爱好者、RC航模爱好者、业余无线电爱好者、开源软件和硬件爱好者,我经常活跃在各种社区并使用 song940 这个 ID.

I’m also a photographer, a RC aeromodeler, HAM, Open Source Software and Hardware enthusiast, and I’m often active in communities and use the “song940” as nickname.

在 GitHub,我创建了几百个开源项目为个人和企业软件奠定基础,虽然大部分都是为了满足个人兴趣的需要,但我仍为此感到高兴。

At GitHub, I’ve created/authored hundreds of open source projects. like escpos, kelp, yeelight and node-dns.